King Tut Exhibition in Atlanta

Over the weekend we (Joe, Iris, Laura, Hannah, Thomas and Paul) went to the King Tut exhibition in Atlanta.  If you are really just a King Tut junkie, this would be a fine place to go.  If you are really just an archaeology fan, then there’s somewhere cheaper and better in Atlanta to visit, the Michael C. Carlos Museum.

Tut was a little disappointing to me.  While they certainly had a decent number of artifacts there, about half were merely statuary dedicated to Tut’s family, Akhenaten, for instance, and were not items found in the tomb.  No pieces of the many layered sarcophogus were there.

On the other hand, the Michael C. Carlos Museum was a stunning surprise, with a plethora of pieces from around the world, neatly organized by culture.  Beginning with South American and moving around the world, the museum had a stunning number of fantastic pieces, including quite a bit from Egypt: mummies, coffins, canopic jars, tablets, etc.


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