Thousands of Free Themes and I Can’t Find One I Like

When I first started blogging, searching for free themes for WordPress that would suit my sites was incredibly addictive.  I could get lost for hours at a time surfing the web to find just the right theme for my content.  Oh, how the times have changed.  I guess it’s because I’ve become more particular, but looking through themes is like being repeatedly kicked in the head.  In fact, I’m still using the “came with the upload” theme at Funny Email.

What I was really hunting for was a theme that would make it easy (with as little coding by me as possible) to have a unique looking page that would serve as the home page.  I finally may have found what I’m looking for in Elegant Grunge or Hybrid.  I guess I’ll give these a try before giving up and doing one myself.  My knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP makes such an endeavor the only thing more painful that hunting for a good pre-made theme.


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