Google Troubles and a New Affiliate Program

So my WordPress blog, Funny Email, keeps coming in and out of Google, which is not a good thing.  Actually, that’s the only bad thing about the site.  It has been very successful for a brand new site, already getting several hundred hits per day, and it is very sticky.  Over 80 percent of the visitors click around.  The average pages clicked per visitor is 8.92 according to Google Analytics, and about 20 percent of the visitors are return customers.   If only I could stay in Google…

I think my major problem is that most of the material is “borrowed.”  I’m merely cataloging the funny emails that people send me every day.  I have been trying my best to put some small amount of original comments with most of the posts, and actually wrote a completely original post today, but I guess we’ll see.  I suspect this will take care of itself over time, but it’s a little frustrating right now.

I did join a new affiliate program yesterday and added it to the site as a site sponsor.  PowWeb has a really good product, particularly for those of us who like WordPress, but aren’t overly tech savvy: easy installs, easy backups, etc.  You can check out how I’ve set up this sponsor here:  Affordable Web Hosting.

I’ll let you know if that method of running an affiliate program has any success for me.


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