The annoyance of spammers and over-sensitive bloggers…

Annoying Spammers

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t have to go to one of my many sites and remove spam, even with Akismet, which is great, activated and working hard. It’s so annoying. I’m set up so that whenever someone leaves a comment at a site I’ve developed and manage, even for others, that I get a little email notice for comments and spam. Most of the time, the spammers are just annoying and completely uncreative. They say things like, “Great Post” and put a link up.

Even worse is when they just put “Great Post,” and it’s the link in their name that’s malicious.

The other problem is that some people are becoming ridiculous about what sorts of comments they let through their sites thanks to misreading articles like this: Spam SEO

Annoying Bloggers

So what’s been happening to me? Well, I like to read blogs. I write for blogs; I read blogs; and I like to comment on blog posts. You would think that bloggers would like when I come and leave a thoughtful and, almost always, positive comment on their site, but that only goes so long as I don’t put a link in their post.

On those rare occasions when I post a link, I don’t even link to my own stuff the vast, vast majority of the time. I’m just linking to some other post that I had come across that was relavant to the post I’m commenting on. And people are freaking out and tossing my comment into the spam queue.

What the hell? I just spent ten minutes reading your blog post and another fifteen composing a friendly response, and just because I included a link to some other blogger’s post you toss me out?

You can be sure I won’t be visiting or reading any comments at these sites any more.

Be reasonable. Links to other blogs are generally good for you. If you visit the link and it’s not some marketing site trying to sell you something stupid like a sure fire plan to make $10,000 per month on Google Adsense (you’d have to get 100,000,000 unique visits a day for that, by the way), then just leave the damn link. It does you no harm and doesn’t piss off your reader who was generous enough to leave a comment.


2 responses to “The annoyance of spammers and over-sensitive bloggers…

  1. Ya this really annoys the hell out of me, spam sucks but I won’t post comments on comment moderated blogs because if it doesn’t get approved its a waste of time. God half the time even a link to a third party site is enough to kill your comment. Personally I have no problem with somebody sticking a link on my page as long as the comment is legit and the page is on the level.

    Is this really so evil

    People need to lighten up and maybe try to focus on writing good articles.

    Another thing that annoys me are some of the forums where people are forced to make x number of posts before they can do anything on the forum. So they make x stupid posts to get there, and these garbage posts are often worst then the spam the forum was trying to get rid off in the first place.

  2. I think the most annoying thing of all is that when Askimet catches your post as spam for some reason, rather than an admin.

    I’ve had cases where i’ve typed a comment that is really long and actually expanded on what the origional blogger was saying – ie i’ve come up with something unique and clever myself prompted by the post. I hit submit – it’s all gone. Can’t even hit back to retrieve my work, it’s just disapeared. So frustrating.

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