Deleting sites due to spam

I’m one of those persons who gets a big idea and sets it up and then doesn’t work it for a year because I’m too busy with other things.

This has happened with two sites I set up for myself.  One of them was “Caption This!” which was supposed to be a user-driven site where you could post pictures and everyone would have fun adding their own funny captions.

So I went ahead and bought a domain name and set up a blog with the intention of collecting images for awhile before actually getting started.  This was about four months ago.  I still am collecting images, but I have yet to start posting or marketing the site because of paid projects taking all my time (thank goodness).

So what is happening?  These two sites are being bombarded by spam, and I have no idea why.  I have Akismet set up, but spammers are getting too tricky.  And I have NEVER let a spam through.  In fact, neither site has a single comment because neither site has ever had a legitimate visitor.  The problem is that people are posting with nothing other than malicious links in their name.

So today I finally made the decision to just delete the sites.  I could have disabled comments, but I was too angry.  I have too much to do, and spam just drives me crazy.  Having to go delete a series of penis enlargement ads every day was just about to push me over the edge.  If I were actually working the sites, it would be different–still highly annoying, but different.

So someday when I finally have the time to make those sites work, I’ll go ahead and reinstall WordPress and have a go at it.  But I’ve definitely learned my lesson about NOT setting up a site for future use.


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