Getting owned by a 4-year-old

So we have a Wii. In fact, I was one of the lucky few a couple of years ago when it first came out to wander into a GameSpot right as they were getting a shipment in, so I managed to get one before a lot of folks. Technically, Santa got it for my daughter, but you know how that goes…

So I really haven’t found a lot of use for the Wii other than Resident Evil 4. Most of the games that come for it are dumbed down or explicitly for children, and I was absolutely crestfallen when I discovered that Resident Evil 5 wasn’t even being offered on the system. But one of the best games to come out for the Wii is the one that came with the system, Wii Sports.

That’s treading ancient ground, I know, but what I find amazing is just how good my children are at this. My daughter, age six, who is more willing than I am to constantly flail her arms around as fast as possible, is a champion boxer. And, even better, my four-year-old son consistently beats me at bowling and golf.

The bowling game is a blast. And while I line up and bowl in the usual manner, placing nice spin on the ball, my son simply raises his arm and fires away. He consistently breaks 200. I break 200 every-now-and-then, but when I’m having an off game, he’s still scoring well. He beat me by 50 pins the other day.

Somewhat more embarrassing than that was the golf match we had. Bored, my four-year-old had taken to hitting his ball while hanging upside-down from the couch. We tied.


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