Interesting game survey experience…

I can’t remember how I ended up finding them or signing up, but at some point I had signed up to take surveys for Microsoft Games (and now I can’t find the link to direct you to, but if I do come across it, I’ll come back and update). For a long time, they never contacted me about any surveys. I had completely forgotten the whole thing when I suddenly got a survey notice.

As it turns out, they were really wanting to interview my 6-year-old daughter. I wasn’t sure I wanted her to do that. For one thing, though she reads well for a six-year-old, it would probably take her all day to make her mind up about what answers to give, not to mention her propensity for creative answering. Anyway, I declined the opportunity, but filled out the rest of the survey.

Again, I pretty much forgot about it, but then I got back an email asking if I would fill out a survey WITH my daughter as opposed to her alone. This sounded like a pretty fun idea, so I grabbed her and clicked on the link without reading all the email. So I was shocked when I finished the survey and was told that I would receive a free gift from a selection of 4 software choices, like Vista Professional and Office 2007 Professional.

That’s pretty sweet, and a pretty darn good incentive to keep helping them by completing their surveys.


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