Would we be nicer bloggers/posters if only we knew this?

Leaving links around on WordPress comments gets you nothing, no Google boost, no more than an occasional hit–NOTHING.  WordPress, from version 1.5 on up, uses “Nofollow” for everything in the comment section.  This means that if they put a link to their site in their user name, or a link to their site in their comment, they really aren’t helping themselves and they certainly aren’t harming you.  SPAM is one thing, but everyone needs to lighten up on the genuine comments.  Despite the nofollow, I don’t leave random nonsense and links to casinos, viagra, etc.  But real comments?  I would never delete a real comment unless it was just from some angry troll.

Yet again, I’m finding myself annoyed with WordPress bloggers getting hysterical and deleting well-thought and kind comments in order to get rid of a link I left.  For instance, right after Ida, the “missing link,” was found, I was wandering around WordPress looking at what bloggers were saying.  I found some great stuff and left a few comments.  In one case, I left a very long comment, backing up the position of the blogger that the announcement wasn’t handled properly (too much hype).  I then linked to a similar article from another blog I had just been to.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with my comment.  I agreed with the blogger, elaborated a little, and linked him to a third party WordPress.com blogger who had similar thoughts.

I come back a while later, and it’s gone.  The whole comment.  Seriously, what the hell?  I’m never going to that site again.

And then there is the WordPress plugin that turns your entire link section into “nofollow” so that you can appear to be linking to people and get them to link back to you, but this way you aren’t helping out your “competition” with an actual link that search engines will count.

That’s just plain disgusting.  The people who are deleting harmless comments are just stupid.  The people who are turning their link pages into “nofollow” zones are thoroughbred ass clowns.


One response to “Would we be nicer bloggers/posters if only we knew this?

  1. Ass clowns is such a strong word! I would have said ass bandits, it’s so much more polite!


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