(Updated) Well, trying to design in WordPress 2.8 is a disaster

From little things like adding double quotes twice to gigantic things like screwing up all copy-paste actions and adding mountains of empty lines, WordPress 2.8 isn’t recommended for anyone who wants to play with their CSS and codes.  Hopefully a functional 2.8.1 will be out soon.

I should have known better than to immediately upgrade.  Looks like I’ll be downgrading now.  Yikes, what a mess.

Still love you, WordPress…best thing going by far…

Update:  At least one other developer has told me that he hasn’t had any problems at all.  My response:

I’m using FF3.0.10

I don’t know. I updated. I went into the CSS page. I clicked on line ten and ended up on line 110. I scrolled back up. Copied a line of text, pasted and got garbage. Deleted it. Suddenly 100 extra lines with no code appeared all throughout my CSS file. I then started typing, it gave me the duplicate quotes. And I promptly started backing up to 2.7.1

Maybe I should move out of the Bermuda Triangle.


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