More Adsense Nonsense and

It doesn’t matter that you can’t run Adsense on

When you get tired of hearing me complain about Adsense, let me know.  Here is my screen print from yesterday at my Funny Email (self-hosted) site:



So you can see I had a solid click-through rate at 1.41%.  I got 19 clicks and made 80 cents.  So let’s say I wanted to make $20,000 per year (a pauper’s income) from Adsense, and every day would work out in this manner.  I would have to make $54.80 per day, so I would have to raise my traffic to 92,553 per day.  That would give me 1305 clicks.    At an average earning of 4.12 cents per click that’s the way it works out.

So I need 92,553 impressions per day?  Sure, no problem.  I’ll just have to run over to Mosso and pay $200 per month for the cloud hosting and bandwidth.

But notice that this is from yesterday.  At the top in big letters it says, “Today’s Earnings: $0.04.”   That’s right, yesterday was unrealistically rosey.  Today I’ve only had 4 clicks and each one earned me a penny.  So how many page impressions would I need for that to get me to $20,000 in a year?  Well, today I’ve only had about 1000 impressions so far, so lets use that and the associated  CTR of .4 percent.  Then I would need 1.37 million page impressions a day.

Still furious that you can’t run Adsense on  I would give you a screen print of my lifetime experience with Adsense, but I use to have a site that was pulling in around 10,000 impressions a day, and it would just depress you.  Next month, for the first time, I will receive a payment from Adsense (you don’t get paid until you get $100).  I’m giddy.


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