The Scourge of Spambots

Imagine my surprise when I logged into my Media Temple account to check my GPU usage and discovered that my most popular site was my least popular site.  Sound contradictory?  Yep.  The deal is that the site with my least amount of real traffic is being bombarded by spambots, thousands every day.  It doesn’t matter, apparently, that Akismet is only getting tricked once or twice a day.  The spambots keep trying their best.

Of course, this is completely unacceptable.  Why should I allow spammers to use up my server resources?  So I’m doing a little experiment with the WordPress plugin Bad Behavior.  I’ve used it before and chucked it because it was actually, for awhile, blocking Google bots, which is a seriously bad thing.  But now I’m willing to risk it.  Bad Behavior should block a lot of these bots from even accessing the site.

Hopefully, after they can’t access it for awhile, they will give up and go elsewhere, and I can get rid of Bad Behavior.  I guess we’ll see.  I’ll have to keep an eye on the Google bots, as well.


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