Adsense Nonsense

So, I have a site that does okay.  Knowing I had some prolific joke senders on my email list, I created a site called “Funny Email” and all I really do is post an email or two a day that I’ve been getting.  I started it in February and just kept plodding along, figuring it would take off at some point.  Well, it finally has started to catch on.  I’m still not getting a lot of traffic, but it’s picking up steadily.  I guess that my daily average is about 150 unique hits.  What’s great about the site is how sticky it is.  People visit an average of 7 pages while on the site, hang out for over 5 minutes (not bad considering most of the jokes are short) and the bounce rate is minuscule.

So I decided to put up some Adsense, and I’ve been getting about 40 cents a day.  That’s not bad for a site this small, and I think the growth potential is still tremendous.  Right now I’m only really getting traffic from the main keywords, “Funny Email” and mostly just from Google.  Expand those keywords and pull in Yahoo and MSN, and this could really get good.

But today I’m looking at my Adsense and here’s what I get:  5 clicks for 5 cents.  Huh?  I don’t want to be running 1 cent ads on my site!  That’s ridiculous.  How is that even possible?  I checked out running Adsense from an advertiser’s point-of-view for another site and the minimum charge for an ad is 5 cents.  So what, exactly, is Google doing?  Keeping the other 4 cents?

I don’t know, but this is ridiculous.  They need to permit the user to reject ads below a certain point, particularly if you use Analytics and join the two accounts together, as I have.

Oh well.  Just thought I’d offer a little rant.


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